60W power adapter with MagSafe "T" style connector

Compatible with the following models
•MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)
•MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009)
•MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2009)
•MacBook (13-inch, Early 2009)
•MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008)
•MacBook (13-inch, Late 2008)
•MacBook (13-inch, Early 2008)
•MacBook (13-inch, Late 2007)
•MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2007)
•MacBook (13-inch, Late 2006)
•MacBook (13-inch)
•MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
•MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)
•MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)
•MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010)
•MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010)
•MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009)