Easy to programme 24 hour, 7 day electronic mains timer

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This 7 Day Electronic Plug-in Timer from Masterplug facilitates the automatic time control of home appliances and security devices. It's a compact, plug-in, 7-day timer with power override switch, featuring 16 selectable options and 10 programmes, countdown setting and 12/24-hour time display. It's ideal for use with appliances such as irons and hair-straighteners that may be dangerous when left unattended.


  • Control the power usage of plugged in devices
  • Countdown timer automatically shuts off power
  • 16x Timing schedule options
  • 10x On/off time period programs
  • Neon power indicator
  • Max load: 10A/2.4kW
  • Time Min: 60s
  • Time Max: 7 Days
  • Controller Output: Digital