Fan AMD socket A Heatsink and Cooling Fan

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AMD socket A Heatsink and Cooling Fan

Product Description

Speeze is the front end to an established Taiwanese company called Fanner. an US based PC peripheral manufacturer that has been up for more than 10 years now. Fanner have been around for a surprising twenty-five years (thats six years older than the original IBM PC!). They have been mainly involved in the OEM/ODM section of the market, which is probably why you haven't heard of them before. The products are also sold under the name of Spire, Fanner(tech) or Bytecom depending on where you live.

  • Socket A / 370 Cooling kit
  • Dimensions
  • Heat sink : 80x80x44 mm (l × w × h)
  • 12VDC Fan : 80x80x25mm
  • Bearing Ball bearing
  • Rated speed 2300 RPM +/-10%
  • Rated power 1.56 W
  • Noise level 19.0 dBA
  • Air flow 25.78 CFM at 2,300 RPM
  • Current 0.13 A
  • Life hours Ball: 50.000
  • 3 grip clip, Copper base insert, Inverted Spider-Fan
  • Connector 3 Pin, mainboard