Felpham Beach by Derrick Brewerton

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About the book

This is the story of the South Coast of England through the ages as seen from Felpham Beach in Sussex - in an unspoilt village a little east of the Isle of White. The story starts over 200,000 years ago, when the English Channel was formed, and it goes on to the last ice age, when the sea was a remarkable 430 feet lower than now. Although the sea has risen ever since, in Roman times the shoreline was still 2,700 yards further south than the present coast. In the past century the sea has again risen rapidly and the tide has moved up the beach. Over the ages, Felpham has suffered repeatedly from wave damage and flooding. Coastal defence work began early in the 15th century and culminated in major projects in 1967 and 1999.

For over a thousand years the South Coast has suffered from pillage and threatened invasion by Romans, Vikings, French, Spanish, Dutch and Germans. World War II brought major events and incredible bravery.

Although it remains secluded, Felpham Beach is popular for sailing, swimming, walking, building sand castles or just sitting looking out to sea.