Firewire Card 2 Ext 1 Int PCI

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Firewire Card PCI.

:- Two external 6-pin Firewire ports.
:- One internal 6-pin Firewire port.
:- Low Profile Form Factor
:- Compatible with existing, and older, 1394 consumer electronics and peripheral products.
:- Complies with OHCI 1.1 requirements.
:- Compliant with IEEE 1394a-2000 standard.
:- Isochronous transfer support (guaranteed bandwidth) for DV video data transfer from Camcorder to PC.
:- Provides three fully compliant cable ports, each supporting 400Mbits/sec,200 Mbits/sec and 100Mbits/sec traffic.
:- Plug and Play and Hot-Swappable for all ports.
:- Power overload protection on each port