The Vapourlites Peach E-Liquid contains the finest peach flavour, making it taste very fruity, juicy and delicate, just like the real peach. One of the best tasting peach-flavoured E-Liquids available in the market, the Vapourlites Peach E-Liquid has also been made with the highest level of attention to quality and safety. Our users can thus enjoy their vape with the peace of mind that they are inhaling quality and safe E-Juice.

Just like other Vapourlites E-Liquids, this E-Liquid is manufactured in the UK and contains only the finest ingredients. These besides pharmaceutical grade nicotine in different strengths also include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (PG/VG 80/20), flavourings and distilled water. Please note that the E-Liquid may also contain traces of nuts.

Diacetyl Free